Set in the suburban shadows of New York City as the 1980s crash into the '90s, The Punk & the Professor brings us into the world of a troubled young man.

Jack Tortis is an underdog branded as a punk in a place where sameness is celebrated. Destined to be a drop out laborer like his estranged father, he clings to hope and fights against a tide of dysfunction. But just as life starts to move along, obstacles spring up around him.

BOOK REVIEW: "Great, gritty coming of age story that shows how the human spirit and determination can overcome life's obstacles."
Dr. Ray McCarthy, Educator and Consultant


The Punk and the Professor

The narrative follows Jack Tortis through his education and family struggles. In a battle for survival, Jack must make a decision— fight his way through school, go off into the world of service labor, or fall into a street life of crime and drugs the way so many others around him have? 

Book the Author

Book the author to facilitate a discussion on teaching and education. Dr. Lawrence can share his 17 years of experience working in education and discuss the real life experiences as a student that led to this novel.